Happy 150th Birthday to the London Underground

Published January 14th, 2013

It was 150 years ago when the first Underground train took the rails for the first time underneath the streets of London. The first journey took place between Paddington station and Farringdon station on the Metropoliton Line. The London Underground was born and the first underground system of its kind in the world!

As is the 150th Birthday of the London Underground this week I thought I would dedicate some of my favourite London Underground images that I have taken over the last few years to this wonderful milestone.

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15 Minutes Part 2

Published August 14th, 2012

Digital SLR Photography Magazine Publication - Reader Showcase

As promised in yesterdays photo upload here is the good news that I would like to share with you all. Few weeks ago I was contacted by Digital SLR Photography magazine as they were interested in publishing one of my photos. As you can imagine, any photographer getting asked to have their image published is great and I was honoured to be asked.

It was my Eastbound Westbound image that I took at Shepherds Bush Underground Station that they were interested in and it came as bigger surprise when I got the magazine it was double page spread :-) Was also a nice feeling that some of my fellow photographers and followers on here and Twitter had seen it and recognised it as mine even before reading the caption :-)

Sorry I didn't tell you all few weeks ago but I wanted to keep it as a surprise for you all. Again thank you to you all for taking the time and commenting on my work it really does mean alot to me.

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15 Minutes

Published May 4th, 2012

Amateur Photography Magazine, Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition 2011

This is my 15 minutes of fame :-). I got an email the other day from the organisers of Landscape Photographer of the Year, their website is www.take-a-view.co.uk/ to say that my photo that got runner up in the Network Rail Lines in the Landscape award in last years competition would be published in the UK magazine Amateur Photographer Magazine alongside the winner and other runner up photos from that category.

As you could probably tell I was over the moon with this as this is a little bit of a milestone for me as I have never had a photo published in a magazine before. The image is also in the book that LPOTY publish every year which I am going to buy soon (I know I'm bit slow). I have tagged the other photographers on the same page as I if you wish to check out their photostream.

For those who want to see the photo, the link is here


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The London Underground - Engineering Marvel of ...

Published March 1st, 2012

Well I thought I would give this new story feature on 500px ago and as I am a massive fan of the London Underground I thought that I would pick a small selection of my favourite photos of the network that I have taken over the last year or so.

Hope you enjoy them.

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