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The London Underground - Engineering Marvel of the World?

Published March 1st, 2012

Well I thought I would give this new story feature on 500px ago and as I am a massive fan of the London Underground I thought that I would pick a small selection of my favourite photos of the network that I have taken over the last year or so.

Hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, 13/04/11, 13:03 and 52 Seconds

Bank Underground Station - Bank Travelator, London

This is a photo of the Travolator at Bank. Note the name, Yes I thought it was also spelt wrong too but looking around doing a bit of research that is how it was spelt according the posters from around the time it was installed in the 1960s.

Also last year was the 50th Anniversary of the Bank Travolator and was the first moving walkway on the London Underground and was a first anywhere in Europe and its sheer length is just amazing, approx 250ft in length.

Also came across this original movie showing the opening of the Travolator that you maybe interested in

One Man

Bank Underground Station - Waterloo and City Line Foot Tunnel, London, England

I have seen this tunnel loads in photos around 500px and Flickr and other photo websites but never been sure where it is, I always though it was at Waterloo Underground station but infact this is at Bank Underground station. It is a really awesome tunnel in that the ceiling is really low and wide arches. I came here when it was quite quiet and the photo that I have uploaded is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I was glad the gentleman in the photo had such a contrasting suit on.

To take this photo I adjusted the white balance when taking the photo as it was odd fluorescent lights that produce a orange/yellow hue and I also knocked up the exposure bias a bit to help with make the difference in contrast between the white wall and suit of the man. The post processing included importing into PTLens to correct barrel distortion and then edited in Lightroom 3, thats it really. I hope you all like it as its one of my personal favourites.


Bank Underground Station, London, England

This is another photo from Bank Underground Station, I can't get enough of this place, its great however this time its from a different angle.

Trying to keep the theme of darkness, grittiness and grungyness I hope this image does reflect something out of a horror film :-) Reminds me of the film 'Creep' from a few years back, you may remember it?

This is an single HDR photo made up of 6 photos. After tone mapping in Photomatix 4.1 I just reimported into LR3 and adjusted accordingly until I got the look that I wanted.

London Viator

Waterloo Underground Station - Jubilee Line Travelator

One of my favourite photos of the London Underground. I have been trying to get this photo for a while now but everytime I kept going, it was just too busy, I would have end up in getting trampled on by all the people rushing from A to B on the London Underground Network.

I was lucky on this day as it was not too busy, no one bothered with the 'classic' walkway in the middle, happy days for me!

This is the newer part of the station and was constructed when the Jubilee Line was extended in the 90s.

Anyway, hope you have enjoyed and thank you for looking! :-)

Go Faster Stripes

Hampstead Underground Station, London, England

This one from Hampstead Underground Station very similar to this one I did but from a different angle

I thought I would also try a different way of processing this photo and went for a high contrast black and white feel. I didn't think it would work or I would like it but it seems to work. What caught my eye was the massive curve around the sweeping bend, I really liked this place.

Well thats all for now :-)

The Asymmetrical Station

Canary Wharf Underground Station, London, England

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and look at yesterdays photo upload, I am happy to say it made it into Explore :-)

This is one of my favourite underground stations on the network, the massive underground cavern type structure this station has is just amazing. However everytime I visit this station I always notice how the escalators are not symmetrical and sometimes I like it and sometimes it annoys me :-)

Has anyone else noticed this before? Even the other set of escalators at the other side of the station are the same.

I fancied this time trying B&W processing for a change. This is a HDR image again just to bring out the details. This station does work well with B&W I feel. Also tried slightly different composition by turning the camera on a angle and I quite like it. Doing it landscape didn't work very well I felt.

The Passenger

Waterloo Underground Station, London, England

Carrying on with my London Underground theme but a little different this time. Really wanted to capture the curve of the platoform here and also as it was so quiet with just one passeneger still left walking up platform.

I was fairly happy with this photo however as I had the camera set on spot focus the Waterloo Underground sign is just slightly out of focus, sadly this was not what I was trying to achieve but I feel it has come out alright in the end, I just need to remember check settings first :-)

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itsik madjar  over 5 years ago

Absolutely wonderful photos and story. I love your work, it's very inspiring and original

itsik madjar  over 5 years ago
Comment hidden
Christiano Tesoressa  over 5 years ago

Very Nice Gallery!

Manel Camps  about 6 years ago

great collection of photos. There is a lot of work in there and the results are spectacular. Congratulations!

Lucas Mispiasegui  about 6 years ago

Really like your photos, and I think it's very constructive for newbies like me, the way you explain te process, the situation of the photo and its posprocessing. thanks a lot. Congrats. Lucas.-

Brandon Douglas  about 6 years ago

These are wicked, I love HDR photography! I love the effect it has on the train in the last photo.
I wanted to do some similar photos like this but don't want to have to buy a permit. Did you get yourself a permit ? and did you use a tri-pod? Thanks.

Aaron Yeoman  about 6 years ago

Thank you for the comment. HDR does work very well on the LU, no don't use a tripod, sadly your not allowed to.

Les Butler (inactive)  about 6 years ago

Such a brilliant story Great images and interesting information. I live in London and am tempted to take my camera on the underground and grab some shots, maybe I can capture a gem? Thanks.

Aaron Yeoman  about 6 years ago

Yeah definitely worth a visit Les. Thank you for your comment :-)