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Happy 150th Birthday to the London Underground

Published January 14th, 2013

It was 150 years ago when the first Underground train took the rails for the first time underneath the streets of London. The first journey took place between Paddington station and Farringdon station on the Metropoliton Line. The London Underground was born and the first underground system of its kind in the world!

As is the 150th Birthday of the London Underground this week I thought I would dedicate some of my favourite London Underground images that I have taken over the last few years to this wonderful milestone.

Blade Runner

Westminister Underground Station, London, England

First upload since last week, been rather busy. I went to Rome for couple days, got my new fisheye (which had to go back, more on that shortly) and also Lightroom 4 :-).

Rome is an awesome place, really enjoyed it and looking forward to processing some of my photos. For the trip I managed to get my new fisheye which I was well chuffed about, I went for the Samyang 8mm f3.5 in the end. It is a fully manual lens but I felt it was very good value for money. However when using is I noticed that there was vignetting in the top left and right hand corner which I thought was odd. I did expect to get some but reviews I read on the internet said that there was non on a Sony Alpha camera, it was worse in the top left, again rather strange. So rang the guys at UK Digital, they were brilliant. They asked me to send it back to them and they will check it out. The next day, they rang up saying they can see the problem on their A77 and they were going to try the whole Sony stock out :-). They sent me one and the next day it came, no problems found. I really like the fisheye, I didn't realise how wide it is until I actually used it. It does take a bit of getting used to but I'm glad I got it.

Now the next big thing in the week was Lightroom 4. I took the plunge and got that too. Quite a few improvements over its predecessor. I really like the geotagging feature. However I have noticed a problem with this, for those who have LR4 could you check it out please? This is the first photo I have uploaded with LR4 and I put the GPS coordinates in Lightroom, uploaded but for some reason Flickr hasn't automatically updated the map and I still have to do it manually which is a bit of a pain.

This photo was also the first uploaded photo with my fisheye (the broken one) and all I can say its great for urban photos like this. When editing this photo, it reminded me of the film Blade Runner. It seems that alot of films influence the way I edit photos. I thought it was a fitting title.

Hope you all enjoy your Monday, thats all for now.

Portal to Another Dimension

Southwark Underground Station, London, England

This image has been driving me mad this morning :-). It was one of those photos that I was just not happy with once uploaded to Flickr, this is the third time I have uploaded it but I am very happy now, I suppose every photographer gets those images from time to time however I am sure that some of the Flickr algorithms when it uploads makes the image look slightly different to what it looks like in Photoshop.

Anyway this is another image from Southwark Underground station, this time taken from the circulating hall at the top of the escalator from where I took the other image at Southwark. I always knew that I wanted to do it in high key but as I mentioned previous it proved little more difficult than anticipated to get the look that I wanted.

The architecture here reminds me of Greek architecture which I am sure it is based on with the walls built out of what appears to be Portland Stone. The stone arches are just awesome, I don't believe that there is another station in this style on the network.

Event Horizon

Southwark Underground station was only a station that I had visited at platform level and for some reason never went upstairs to the circulating hall, probably due to lack of time in previous visits. This time however I decided to have a visit upstairs after seeing other images from this station which looked looked like they had potential and I am so glad I did. Its one of those stations that has alot going for it in terms of photography, really cool tones, colours and unusual modern architectural angles. You would not think that this station was built approx 12 years ago, its a station that has stood the test of time, timeless might be a better word to use.

I really enjoyed post processing this image from Southwark. I did three versions of this, one colour (with regular tones), one black and white and this one. After comparing them for a while and tweaking I decided to go with this one as I thought a futuristic feel with desaturated cool tones would do this image justice. You maybe thinking why is the escalator not blurred when I took this image, well I was lucky enough for the escalator to be out of action which in turn meant that the passengers used the other escalators. This gave me a little more time in my composition and to get it lined up.

Well I think I am all ready for Christmas, I seemed to be quite late for Christmas this year for me but managed to get on top of everything in the end. How are you all doing for Christmas? I wonder if some of you will leave it to Christmas eve? ;-).

Consigned to History

Aldwych Underground Station (Formally Strand Underground Station), London, England

This is another one from my Aldwych Underground station tour. Sadly I did not get as many images that I wanted here due to the short tour time however as soon as those tickets go on sale again next year I will get them and go back and get the images that I didn't get this time round.

This is the Western Platform and is in stark contrast to the Eastern platform (see yesterdays upload). When we went on this platform we were greeted with this and were lucky enough to have the tube train stabled here I was very happy with a tube train here as it adds a very nice perspective to the image here.

This part of the station is often used for staff training and filming for big blockbusters like Creep and 28 Weeks Later. This has the detailed and intricate tiles on the ceiling however bizarrely they only tiled it 3/4 of the platform. When I quizzed the tour guide on it he said it had always been like that because when the station was operational that part of the platform was never used. Some of the posters you see here are left overs from recent films so sadly are not part of the originality of the platform unlike its counterpart, the Eastern platform where you can see relics of old posters scattered around the platform.

Again I had to wait to get this image but so happy that I did as next time I go the tube train may not be there again. I could have spent all day down here in this Underground station ;-).

Go with the Flow

Bank-Monument Underground Station (AKA as 'The Drain'), London, England

Right back to the London Underground. I have been to this station many times before however I specifically wanted to revisit this part of the station with my new Sigma 10-20 lens. The first time I went few years back I was with my old kit lens which did an OK job but I didn't have the width in the image to capture what I wanted. The I got my new fisheye couple of months back and thought great I'll go back here so I did. However I could't get all the lines all lines all lined up and it was too wide so back to the drawing board. Got my Sigma 10-20 lens and went back and it was spot on, just what I wanted.

For those who are interested there is a film on British Pathe about the opening of this travelator


Oh on a sperate note I have setup a Facebook page for my photography too. I just wanted to compare it too the Google+ page that I have. I sadly feel that the interaction between photographers and other people on G+ is declining, do you agree with that? Do you have a Facebook page and how do you find it for interaction?

My new Facebook page is just below or click the link in my 500px profile, feel free to visit and have a look around :-)


The Big Slide

Bermondsey Underground Station, London, England

My first visit to this station. This station I often overlooked when passing through it and never bothered to get off the train. However this time I decided to have an explore of this station as I knew had very similar features and architecture to its other 'Jubilee Line Extension' counterparts e.g. London Bridge, Westminster etc. This is what I found. The escalators and massive concrete sides are so futuristic and imposing. I also really like the metallic feel of the metal parts of the escalator.

On reflection, I do like this image but I would definitely like to revisit soon but with my fisheye lens as I am sure it would work better than my Sigma 10-20.

Oh by the way for those who missed yesterdays post I have a new Facebook page for my photography. I am trying to compare Facebook to Google+ and see how it goes. The link is just below or above on my profile, feel free to visit and have a look around :-)



Bank-Monument Underground Station, London, England

Well this is my first processed image using Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2. You will have to forgive me if I haven't got the processing quite right, it took me several attempts to get this right after uploading once already to Flickr but not being quite happy with it, I think I have got it right. This is a non HDR photo and wanted again to go for the high-key look.

Its such a powerful piece of software and is great for B&W conversions, all I need now is Lightroom 4 to sort out the 'Edit In' bug. This is where you try and export the photo from LR4 to be processed in an external converter (Silver Efex Pro) but when you click on it, it does nothing so this makes my work flow really clunky and horrid. I have to find the photo of the one I want to process in LR4 and then open it manually in PSE9, export it from there into Silver Efex Pro, adjust and back into PSE9, save as a tif and then re-import the photo back into LR4. Phew!! Please Please Adobe, release the update soon!!! :-)

Well its Friday and you all know what that means its the weekend soon :-) Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for your time and comments :-)

Eastbound Westbound

Shepherds Bush Underground Station, London, England

I was in two minds to go into London yesterday as the weather here in the UK was rubbish, raining all yesterday morning but I thought I might as well.

Now this is a photo a place that is a revisit for me but was never happy with the photos that I got few years back so took along my fisheye.

It wasn't too busy and I didn't have to wait long for the two trains to come into the platforms as this was the image I wanted to capture. Shepherds Bush Underground station is quite unusual in that sometimes you look at it it looks symmetrical and other times it doesn't. I'm glad I got the photo that I wanted and went into London in the end.


Bond Street Underground Station, London, England

UPDATE MAY 2012 - Big thanks to Dario Mulas Debois for helping me out on the location of this photo, I have been trying for weeks to try and remember where I took it as I forgot to write it down, doh. I knew it was in that area someone so took a guess. Lesson learnt!

Guess the station game!! :-)

Now I think I have got where I took this image wrong, I think it is Green Park Tube Station but not sure. For some reason I did not write it down where I took it like I normally do with other photos so at upload I can correctly geo-tag it. Sadly when I'm underground, my geo-tracker does not work so have to do it all manually.

I have thought long and hard about where I went that day and think it is Green Park unless anyone can tell me?

Guess this station, it could be a new game :-)

What caught my eye in this photo was the orange in the curve and the cream tiles (that were quite dirty). They compliment each other very well and it was the look I was looking for.

It also reminds me of the U Bahn in Berlin with all the orange that they have there and infact I think it is the same colour orange.

Well I hope you all had an excellent weekend and it seems that the warm weather we have been having here in the UK has come to an end (well for now anyway).


Southwark Underground Station, London, England

This is a bit of a revisited location to take a photo that I took sometime last year however this time with my new fisheye.

What I was disappointed with in my old photo is that I just could not capture everything in the frame that I wanted as the lens was not wide enough however as you can see here the fisheye nicely captures the station walkway.

I really enjoyed processing this one. HDR really brings out the detail in the metal panels that make up this station and I was also lucky enough to capture it during a quiet spell.

Hope you all enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment or any constructive criticism, I am always open to that :-)

Thats all for now but I hope you all have a great weekend.

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