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Ty Pleas

Ty Pleas



Nothing intrigues me more than art. And when I say that, I mean art of any kind. Music, painting, drawing, tattooing, videography, photography; well, I'm sure I've just driven my point home with that seemingly unnecessary sequence of art forms just now, but art just excites me that much. I am an aspiring photographer who hopes one day to have my own photography studio, as well as travel abroad capturing some of the worlds most interesting individuals and locations. I am not yet the experienced photographer; I am simply an aspiring photographer that's looking to increase my skills as well as generate revenue to fund my ongoing need for equipment. I believe 500px has tons of photographers that I can learn and grow from. Many of which would be people that I probably would never have the pleasure of conversing with otherwise. In order to become a professional photographer, you must study the whole realm of photography. Everything in front of the camera, as well as everything that goes on behind the the camera should be examined; what better site to use for my growth process than a site who pits all of the components together?
Jubert Gilay
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Sergey  Piltnik (Пилтник)
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