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Ufuk KIRAY was born in 1977 in Lüleburgaz, where , in his own words , he is still spritually and intellectually nourished. He completed his elementary and secondary education in Lüleburgaz. He graduated from Dumlupinar University Marketing Department and Anadolu University Manegement Department. His interest in photography, his father's profession, turned into an ambition when the products of his experimental work were met with appreciation. Ufuk KIRAY loves to photograph the idea he produces. In his effort to convert an idea to a photograph, KIRAY intermingles the irony, which he is fond of, with criticism and humour, and places them in the center of the photograph. KIRAY still continues his work in Lüleburgaz. He is currently the President of Trakya Association of Photograhy Artits.