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Ujjal Dey

Ujjal Dey

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The God Makers

Published July 6th, 2014

With the wind of autumn, the whole Bengal counts days to greet their favourite Goddess. When the ecstasy of upcoming vacation, new clothes, planning, shopping, and each single thing announce the grand arrival of "Ma Durga" (Goddess Durga), few narrow alleys of North Kolkata go through a backbreaking time to provide the city its most awaited joy. Durga makes her way through the century-old workshops of Kumartuli.

"Kumartuli", meaning the Locality of the Potters, is one of the oldest vicinities of Kolkata. It has come a long way to emerge as a hub of art. As you walk down the streets, the muddy air and dingy lanes murmur the stories of the artisans who have been working for generations in the same dark studios, crowded with gigantic Durga idols. Ignorant to the curious passers-by and over-enthusiast photographers, the artisans engross themselves into putting life to the clay structures. They are the "God-makers".

But days are nearing when the whole area will be renovated - those narrow ...

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