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~ UltraVylet ~

~ UltraVylet ~



One woman, behind a camera, clicking the shutter to capture any idea, concept, mood or happening that strikes her (or pays her). I don’t feel I specialize in any particular genre, nor am I sure that I want to. It’s been said that photography is one of the only mediums that will prove our existence… so, I’ll photograph anything I find to be moving and beautiful. One day, it could be fashion or a portrait session, on another it might be a conceptual idea I have dancing around my brain. Sometimes it’s capturing a couple in love, newly engaged, about to embark on their new adventure together. Lately, it’s been a lot of events; high energy, fast paced happenings where I find myself shooting so rapidly, I’m quite sure my flash might explode. I've learned so much as a photographers assistant. I'm heavily influenced and inspired by countless photographers works that leave me in awe. I’ve been drooling over magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone and Interview magazine since I was a little girl. I’m visually driven, and whatever the subject at hand is, I do my best to capture with my camera what my minds eye sees, in my own style. … even if it’s something some might consider mundane. A camera is just another medium in an artists hand. It’s my job to use the machine to make a visually stunning, endearing and sometimes, even disturbing piece of work. The images viewable here are my blood, sweat and tears of treading a tangled line of an artist with type-A perfectionist attitude. Sometimes, it’s never good enough. Sometimes, it’s absolutely perfect. Whatever it is, these are the people I’ve met, places I’ve seen, happenings I’ve witnessed and experienced, and personal art I’ve created. Thank you visiting. Jess. Owner/Photographer, UltraVylet Photography

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