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Steve Hancock

Steve Hancock



Stephen is a dedicated photographer with a focus on making highly detail and large scale prints. Much of his work will include multiple frames that have been stitched together to produce a massive single large file. It is not uncommon for there to be upwards of twenty or more photos made into one single super high resolution image capable of being printed the size of a billboard but at traditional high resolution photo quality. As you view the photographs you will see that much of Stephen's passion really comes alive after the sun goes down and the sky becomes dark. Quite a number of his photographs feature the a beautifully lit city skyline with the twilight glow, the sparkling of the Milky Way graciously poised against night sky, the popular circular star trails and his growing collection of Aurora Borreallis. (Northern Lights) During the past couple of years Stephen has found that there are a growing number of people that share his passion for photographing the dark night sky and has been conducting a long exposure star photography workshops in with tremendous success. To increase the accessibility he will be taking the workshops on the road in 2014 and will be offering his long exposure night workshop to camera clubs throughout western Canada. (Discounted club rates) In April of 2012 Stephen opened his first gallery, Unique Captures in Penticton British Columbia Canada. During the first year the gallery was a modest 300 sq. ft and accommodated a recognizable collection of local imagery. Today the gallery had grown to almost 1200 sq. ft. with a steady increasing number of collectors. In addition to his featured works the gallery now provides a much needed venue for emerging photographers to display their works and have access to a gallery setting. During the summer of 2013 Stephen took on a personal project to bring timelapse photography to the big screen. At this time much the details are being kept private with the final release date expected to be in the spring of 2016 with the title of "Beautiful places and wide open spaces".
  • Canon 5D2M
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 50mm 1.8
  • Canon 17/40
  • Canon 24/105
  • Sigma 150 macro
  • Tamron 70-300
  • Rokinin 14
  • Bower 24

Just one more shot.

Published July 23rd, 2011

Have you ever been out shooting for the entire day and not had enough? Here is how one of those days begins. Sharie and I woke up around 5:00 am in Bryce, UT to catch the sunrise at the amphitheatre. The morning was cloudy and the sunrise was less than stellar. We both agreed that there was no point hanging around on a cloudy morning so we packed up the camping gear and jumped into the truck with Springdale as the target location. Along the way we stopped at a few spots for a number of photographs, mainly ones to show our friends where we have been.

Once we arrived in Springdale our first order of business was to find a pharmacy. Sharie stepped of the trail the night before to photograph a number of wild flowers. They sure were a really cute and colorful bunch but definitely not friendly. While maneuvering into location she must have bumped up against one that left a mark. In fact, the entire backside of both legs from the knees down was full of big red bumps. She’s a trooper…… no b ...

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