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Jeremiah Deasey

Jeremiah Deasey



I shoot rappers and pretty ladies.

Erotic Robotic

Published September 8th, 2012

This story is from 2009.

"I wonder what makes us build inefficiently-shaped human robots instead of nice streamlined machines?"

"Pride, sir," said the robot. Terry Pratchett (The Dark Side of the Sun)

Agreed. While many humans quite often display a faulty and un-shapely figure, these girls are a sexy bunch. Just the opportunity to shoot two girls normally seduces a photographer, and will typically end up in the cliche girl on girl slightly porn, mostly bad photos scenario. This is the very kind of photography I loathe, the sexual nature becomes a crutch, and the quality fizzles out.

My entire portfolio has been rendered under a classic standard of ethics, a hardline rule and constant desire to create amazing images without nudity. Sexuality without exposure can be extremely captivating. After years of sticking to the rules, I felt that I needed to break them in the best of ways, shooting nudity for the principal and not for the purpose. My objective was to present a series that coul ...

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