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Erotic Robotic

Published September 8th, 2012

This story is from 2009.

"I wonder what makes us build inefficiently-shaped human robots instead of nice streamlined machines?"

"Pride, sir," said the robot. Terry Pratchett (The Dark Side of the Sun)

Agreed. While many humans quite often display a faulty and un-shapely figure, these girls are a sexy bunch. Just the opportunity to shoot two girls normally seduces a photographer, and will typically end up in the cliche girl on girl slightly porn, mostly bad photos scenario. This is the very kind of photography I loathe, the sexual nature becomes a crutch, and the quality fizzles out.

My entire portfolio has been rendered under a classic standard of ethics, a hardline rule and constant desire to create amazing images without nudity. Sexuality without exposure can be extremely captivating. After years of sticking to the rules, I felt that I needed to break them in the best of ways, shooting nudity for the principal and not for the purpose. My objective was to present a series that could grab the viewer, and then quietly surprise them.

Sarah and Corinne were immediately receptive to my ideas, and they arrived perky and smiling. Amber dusted them with our Robot Powder, lending a sleek shimmer to the skin, a sparkling luminescence. She dolled up the girls and finished them off with scooter helmets. Robotic was complete, now time for Erotic.


Erotic Robotic


Erotic Robotic


Erotic Robotic


Erotic Robotic

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