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Pavel Petrov

Pavel Petrov



Есть замечательные слова... - Знаете, что вы со мной сделали? — Вы провели сеанс психотерапии. Уже неважно, что получится, вам нужно продавать атмосферу, которая царит на съемке Не надо продавать, надо дарить... ловить эмоции, моменты, взгляды...
  • Sony A100
  • Sony A77
  • Minolta Dynax 800si
  • Minolta 28-105/3.5-4.5
  • Minolta 80-200/2.8 HS APO G
  • Sigma 17-70/2.8-4
  • Sony HVL-F58AM
  • Dicain vertical grip

Emotions... Эмоции...

Published August 28th, 2013

Для меня фотография - это попытка поймать эмоции другого человека, попытка понять свои ощущения и свои переживания. Я не могу делать фотографии, не задумываясь о настроении человека и о его внутреннем мире. Катя... Катя заставила моё сердце биться совсем по-другому, эти волшебные мгновения общения с ней... чувствовать ее дыхание, ловить её взгляд... всё совсем по-другому, не так как раньше... Есть лишь одна материя сильнее эмоций - это время... Только оно сможет расставить все по своим местам и навести порядок после всего, что произошло... Спасибо тебе за всё...

For me, photography - is not only an attempt to catch the emotions of another person, it's a chance to understand my emotions. I can not take pictures without worrying about the mood of the man and his inner world. Kate ... Kate made ​​my heart beat very quickly, these magical moments with her ... feel her breath and glance ... not like before in my life... There is only one matter stronger than our emotions - it is time ... O ...

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The car that I like

Published November 1st, 2012

How to make a nice car? How to distinguish it from the gray mass of other cars? In the first place one thinks of sports cars, expensive or not, screaming, roaring, with sooooo big wheels. All good, but for everyday use this car is not very comfortable and not very effective. Formulate the question in another way. How to make a nice car and make it comfortable for everyday use. Alexander found an option. One day long ago he bought a Toyota Mark II 1993 year.

I remind you that this is a typical representative of the JDM (Japan domestic market), the car with the steering wheel in the glove compartment and completely wrong, though much loved by all in our area, ranging from taxi drivers for its simplicity and comfort and ending of businessmen again for its simplicity and comfort. Their versions are more powerful, the 2.5 twin-turbo and 280 hp in runoff. With the tuning can be a lot more, a lot more.

He drive this Mark a long time, still remember it crosses dark tape on the sides, always ...

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Old style...1939 in 2012...Film vs. digital

Published April 26th, 2012

My good friend Dmitry Chernigov asked me to photograph some old car. Previously, we have arranged a photosets for modern vehicles, often made reports from motorsports events. I immediately agreed, for me it was a sort of challenge ... How unusual and beautifully capture the emotions of an old car? Adam, the club DJ from Irkutsk, once asked me if I did take some pictures with him. We arrange a meeting with him and with Horch 1939 year. Location was chosen as the 130th district in the city of Irkutsk. In 2011, our city celebrated 350 years and to this date historic district has been created with beautiful houses made of wood and areas for recreation, all in the old style. On Sunday morning we went early to this place. The result of this shooting I want to show to you.

The first part of photos taken by digital camera, the second on film.

I want to thank, Alexander Antsipirovich and DJ Adam Norbert

Welcome to the Irkutsk, welcome to the lake Baikal.

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