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Łukasz Kowalczuk

"It is better to do nothing than to contribute to the invention of formal ways of rendering visible that which Empire already recognises as existent."
Alain Badiou

"In the love stirred by Photography (by certain photographs), another music is heard, its name oddly old-fashioned: Pity. I collected in a last thought the images which had "pricked" me (since this is the action of the punctum), like that of the black woman with the gold necklace and the strapped pumps. In each of them, inescapably, I passed beyond the unreality of the thing represented, I entered crazily into the spectacle, into the image, taking into my arms what is dead, what is going to die, as Nietzsche did when, as Podach tells us, on January 3, 1889, he threw himself in tears on the neck of a beaten horse: gone mad for Pity's sake."
Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

Through photography we looking into eternity?