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Vaclav Bacovsky

I am a photographer from the Czech Republic (in the very heart of Europe). I got my first digital camera in 2002 but I became a serious photographer only some 5 years ago. Back then, I was not sure if my 1.500 USD investment into a new DSLR was worth it. Short after that purchase I knew it was more than worth it. I discovered my new passion. My life changed.

I was lucky enough to meet several good photographers at the very beginning of my career. In Italy, I took part in a workshop called "Off Camera" led by Annamaria Castelan and Emilio Zangiacomi Pompanin. Thanks to them I learned how to create my own camera from a paper box, how classic film photography works and above all, how photography is just about the light. Later I photographed with Jan Starý who taught me that you can create a good image anywhere any time. It’s just about the eye.

In the recent past I have been to Iceland, Canada and New Zealand to fulfil my photographic dreams. Well, actually, I live my photographic dream every day. I live near the Bohemian Paradise, a picturesque part of the Czech Republic with beautiful landscape sceneries. Inspiration is everywhere. I love shooting not only landscapes, but also wildlife, architecture, people and macro. Macro photography enables me to dive into completely new worlds that are rarely touched by our sight in our every-day lives.

I also have the big luck to live with somebody who completely understands my passion for photography and supports me fully.

Photography has taught me a lot of things. I will share some of them on my blog – (in Czech language only though).

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