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Vanessa Velez

Vanessa Velez



Photographer | Weddings & Portraits | Embracer of Geekery | Gamer of Games | Movie Addict | Wannabe Crafter

Photography Degree or no Photography Degree?

Published August 2nd, 2011

I think my decision has been made clear to me now. The community college I go to only offers two classes. The university that does offer a Bachelor’s degree is on an off site campus that is over an hour from me (no way I could make it to class with my work schedule) and an online degree costs much more than I am able afford. So I have decided to just finish up the degree I'm working on and teach myself along the way. I’ve attended a few workshops at a local photo store, there are certificate programs I can get, and there is always life experience that I can learn from. Later on when I have the time/money I will possibly go back for it. Mainly for the exposure to different types of photography such as studio, photojournalistic, editorial, advertising, product, etc. I’ve at least figured out that I want to focus on photography – I’m happy with that.

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Take Your Camera Everywhere

Published July 25th, 2011

I have read that oh so many times on many photography articles. I’ve always been wary because I thought it would feel cumbersome. Well, today was the first day that I took my D90 to work with me and yes, it was cumbersome. (I think I need a more comfy bag -that also has room for my regular purse-y items). Anyway, I did not stop to take any pictures. My drive to/from work is about 45 minutes and I don’t have much time to spare to make stops. I didn’t expect I really would the first day though. Also, I can’t really walk around my job and try to find things to photograph - I have a half hour lunch and mostly I don’t think security would appreciate it too much. Excuses, excuses right? What I’m really trying to do is get used to having it with me at all times. I feel I really need to practice more so I’m taking the first steps to do so.

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