Organic Life’s Resilience - An avalanche story

Published March 19th, 2014

During the last years, I witnessed various cases of extraordinary resistance - most of them while on mountain but others in even harder environments, like hospitals. Although well remembered and absolutely remarkable, none of such events was captured by my camera. This time is pretty different - and you may see the brute force of Nature, crashing at full speed against a small, undefended scrap of life. I only regret, not to have better focus lens.

March 16, 2014. A quiet, sunny, strong-winded and perfect Sunday morning just under the magnificent Eastern Wall of the Monte Rosa Massif, Western Alps, Northern Italy - near the Italian-Swiss border.

With my two friends Audrey and Myo I left Pecetto (Macugnaga) and paced upwards, surrounded by shining 3000-meters ridges and peaks, heading toward the massive icy triad in front of us: the Gnifetti, Zumstein and Dufour summits. All well beyond 4000 meters height, surrounded by icy halos of snow crystals.

Climbing along the ski runs we soon r ...

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Lost souls...

Published October 28th, 2012

A steep and lonely walk on October 20, 2012, in my beloved Ayas Valley.

Up very early in the morning, the darkness of these hours surrounding me and my car during the trip towards the Serra hill and then down in the upper Canavese, driving as fast as I can to reach the promise of a fascinating day of nature and loneliness - the Aosta Valley.

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