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Presidential Guard

Published November 8th, 2012

The story of the Presidential Guard starts Joined December 12, 1868 as a combatant and ritual 'gima simultaneously. Since 1914, the Palace up the Palace Guard as a separate unit Evzones. Over the years took various names: Palace Guard, Flag, Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Royal Guard and finally Presidential Guard since 1974. The headquarters of the Presidential Guard is establishing the Herod Atticus Street near the Presidential Palace (formerly Palace).

The history of Evzones battalions (later constitutions) began in 1867 with the establishment of four battalions, each of which had four organizational strength. Central task was to guard the frontier. In 1868 he was added to each battalion Evzones and fifth company. The initial composition of these battalions consisted of volunteers, soldiers or sergeants, who usually came from mountainous areas.

The glorious action Evzones battalions during the Balkan Wars was the catalyst leading Evzones take conscience of the Greek people, t ...

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