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victor cucos

victor cucos



In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. Alfred Stieglitz ----------------------------------------------------------- toronto, canada......amateur and a bit of a hedonistic pleasure seeker; love great food, travel and capturing odd, serendipitous, truly un-staged slices of life. just an observer poking around at stuff.
  • Nikon D7000 D600
  • Nikkor 17-35mm, 70-200mm, 60mm micro, 50mm, 105mm dc


Published May 2nd, 2012

you'll find breathtaking beauty in buddhist temples throughout asia....literally that is!

huge sticks and coils of incense burn slowly filling the space with smoke to the point where you need to step outside for fresh air every few minutes.

enormous coils hanging from the ceiling can burn continuously for up to one month!

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the great wall

Published May 1st, 2012

no trip to china would be complete without a hike along the great wall. it's hard to avoid the cliche but just like venice it's something one must experience at least once.

it was fairly cold in december and unfortunately the omnipresent smog from cole burning ruined some shots

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ephemeral poetry

Published April 22nd, 2012

walking around the summer palace in beijing. it's freezing in december and the smog is hiding the sun's feeble attempts to break through.

an older fellow, brush on a stick, carefully writes poetry on the ground with...water. just steps behind, the beautiful calligraphy vanishes slowly in the cold air. i felt guilty taking even one shot; why disturb such serenity?

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