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Vincent Haverlant

Vincent Haverlant



Welcome visitor. I'm glad you came here to read a bit about who I am. My name's Vincent and I am 35. I am an amateur photographer. I'm french and live in Paris suburbs, which should give me plenty of occasions to take shots in Paris... or not. I also like to shoot flowers or desserts (before I eat them)... :) I started to get interested in photography when I bought my first digital SLR in 2004. It was a Nikon D70. But I did not really learn to use it or to perfect my skills. Then in the bginning 2009, I upgraded to a D300 and also participated in a 1 day training at the Nikon School in Paris. And I think it definitely helped improve my skills... I'm a member of my city's photo club: The "Photo Club Vicinois" which which I hope to get many photographic opportunities. And I hope to learn a lot and develop new photographic skills every day.

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