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Visions of Indochina

Visions of Indochina



Whilst the countries of Indochina; Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao, are recognised by visitors today as destinations to experience the 'true' South East Asia of old, there is still little knowledge of it's diversity, in-depth culture and traditions apparent to outsiders, particularly from a visual standpoint. The team at Visions of Indochina has captured this diversity, and more importantly, we endeavour to bring this across on a very personal level. With extensive contacts and affiliations with all aspects of the travel and tourism industry in the region, knowledge of the languages, people and culture, and with sixteen years in country travel experience, our photographers are able to venture into areas, places and capture moods and scenes that simply cannot be achieved by those that merely pass through under deadlines or time limitations. Our passion for life in this part of the world and our creative instinct ensures all images speak more than your average postcard photography.
  • Nikon D4 & Nikon D3x
  • Nikon Lens range : 14-24mm / 24-70mm / 24mm f/1.4 / 70-200mm / 50mm f/1.8 / 80mm / 24mm tilt shift
  • Mac
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