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Shripathy Hadigal

Shripathy Hadigal



The 'Pale Blue Dot' fascinates me.

The Icy Battlefield

Published February 25th, 2012

It was indeed a peaceful morning. A week of chilled wind had wheezed along the black forest valley and Strasbourg was literally frozen. The ever cheerful Ill river, which had produced some spectacular pictures before, had turned into an icy solid. The floating swans were vanished from 2 days. The redolent scent of strange silence was spreading slowly in the environment. Sharp wind whipping past the dormant ears quite often whispering some uncanny stories. I was all alone on the bank of the river, pondering on the glory of the same place a couple of months before; full of flow, riveting with life, painted with infinite colors. But now, frozen river covered above with a hovering giant patch of cloud was all that remained. And yeah, some lost wanderers strolling along with their dogs appearing and slowly melting through the whiteness of ice..

Then it happened. From nowhere a Seagull cruised down in a flash and stood on the water slowly picking up a piece of croissant from the top of fr ...

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The Voyage

Published February 25th, 2012

It was special. It was purely adventurous. Every journey scripted something new, every destination offered something special, every day sculpted unique stories, every night drenched us with its sheer brilliancy, every moment unraveled something incredible, every country treated with the taste of nativity, every city carved indelible sketches of its history, the past was present, present was overwhelming, future was forgotten and it was a voyage to remember!

Breezing fast trains, waving boats, enticing folks-wagons, ancient classics, brisk-pace buses and many other moving us along..

backpacking across 5 nations, 6 cities and unlimited landscapes. Pretty Strasbourg to the grandeur of Prague, then a transcending journey to the hearts of modern Vienna; unfolded slowly as the thick fog brushed away by wheezing winds from the Alps. Followed by a surreal journey through the loving landscapes of Italy, to the wonder city of Venice. The city runs on water, sleeps on water and water trickles ...

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