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Sadiqueali VM

The smoke emitted from vehicles, the clutter and the polluted atmosphere of cities had always disturbed me. I forgot my land and countrymen, and loved forest.” I am in love with u” cheered me to the lush forests. The wild flowers, brooks and animals loved me too.
They gave me fresh air to breath. They danced in front of my camera. They left impressions on my camera lens. I too joined their happiness. Some of them were scared of me. Perhaps because of extravagant affection of parents towards children. They rid me away many times. The human who came before me would have attacked them or they must have misunderstood my camera to a gun. Even then my love for exploring the heart of forest increased. I wished to go there again.

I was in seventh when I climbed forest with my friends for the first time. Then it became a habit. I spend lot of time watching wild life.
“He is mad. Let him not come if he doesn’t wish to. Let us move on” these were usual comments from my friends, but I still remained watching the wild world. Later on I was alone in my journeys and that gave me relief. My father bought a film camera for my persistence. My friends claimed that the photos captured weren’t taken by me.

I got a computer and digital camera when I reached nine though. A camera that can capture lots of photos consoled me. Journeys to the forests and my passion towards photography increased. During that period, once I saw a beautiful spotted deer for the first time in Karulai. With lots of enthusiasm I cheered to call my friend to see the sight. Unfortunately she ran back and disappeared through the forest. This incident taught me that to maintain silence is inevitable part of wildlife photography.

Later, deers often appeared in front of my camera. It even paused for my lenses. I realized that wild animals never attack humans unless we harm them. The snakes don’t bite unless we stamp them. We only have to create a rapport between us and animals.

Many at times, elephants had rid me off. This never meant that they are wild. How can they allow me to invade their region without their permission? In fact it is high time to realize that if animals are wild or we humans. Humans who visited before me would have dragged these animals into danger. Animals have no enemies, but everything that exists in this world is enemies to human race as they consider so. They crush the nature and animals under their feet to dominate. Nature and animals are the part of life cycle. It is impossible to live without them. Hence we have to exist together without destroying their habitat and wilderness. They will love us in return to our concern for them. With the prayer that this wilderness and lush green forests with its species will remain undisturbed ….


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