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V. Opoku

V. Opoku



Hey, welcome to my portfolio. My name is Vincent and I am a creative, contemporary, wedding story-teller. I love stories. They have the power to transform lives and preserve beautiful moments that are not to be forgotten. Every person has a unique story; but when two individuals in love decide to get married, a very special story unfolds. A story of promise, unity, trust, passion, hope, joy, tears, laughter, and commitment. Being a wedding photographer allows me to witness such amazing stories and gives me the honour of documenting them. It is always a privilege to be trusted by a couple to capture the essence of one of the most important day of their lives and re-tell it through my perspective. Wedding photographs become memories that are embedded in the couple's history, they are shared with family and friends alike. In a sense, I get to become part of their family's history. I also experience moments, precious moments that one cannot put money on, nor can anyone take away from me. Moments like when a couple whose wedding I photographed emailed me a picture of them and their new born daughter 11 months later. Moments like that are what I breathe for. I have met some amazing people, experienced interesting cultures, traveled to remarkable places and have documented beautiful stories. My hope is that, I get to experience much of the same on my journey as a wedding story teller. V. email:
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