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Michał Mierzejewski

Michał Mierzejewski

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Photography is taste, birth… so I felt like I just had to give shapes & colours to my impressions & feelings. It’s my poetry of reality or mirages just comeing true. Our life is just a book full of frames and shots, istn’t it?
  • Canon 1 Mark III Ds
  • Canon 5 Mark III
  • Phaseone 645 DF+ P65+
  • Leica M 240
  • GITZO Traveller
  • Manfrotto head

100th photo submited :)

Published May 4th, 2014

This is my 100th photo submitted here on 500px so I wanted to be special.

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National Geographic Great Photo Contest 1st Place

Published November 11th, 2013

I am pleased to inform You that my photo "Immortality" has won 9th edition of National Geographic Great Photo Contest 2013.

It was such a huge surprise to me that for the first time in my life I become speechless on stage :)

Category: Animals

Title: Immortality

Link: http://www.national-geographic.pl/aktualnosci/pokaz/final-9-wielkiego-konkursu-fotograficznego/

It's hard to find peace here and now... it does no good to wisdom, we run in the dark, blindly, sometimes you have to die to live ... jump off a cliff, into nothingness ... where You find immortality ... in the sun, in a nonexistence, in drops of mist on the face, in the eternal power of nature.

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