2012 Antarctic Photo Tours!

Published April 4th, 2012

Join me and other 500px.com members on one of my 2012 Antarctic Photo Tours! Tours start at $6,000...Here's a link.

I do offer photo tours to Antarctica, been there seven times now, and I have two coming up in November and December if anyone would like to learn more. I've got several 500px.com members coming along on the first trip already.

Thanks for the comments and for taking time to check out my work!

In Memory of...

Memorial on Paulet Island, Antarctica for lost explorers.

In 1903 during the Swedish Antarctic Expedition led by Otto Nordenskiƶld his ship Antarctic was crushed and sunk by the ice off the coast of the island.

Paulet Island is...(WAS) home to a colony of over 200,000 Adelie penguins.

  • February 20th, 2011
  • Nikon D3X
  • 116mm / f/8 / 1/1250 sec

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