Bogota, Colombia

Déjà vu of Solitude

Published November 26th, 2012

Cold gusts of wind hit the back of my neck. Gunshots steal my attention from the viewfinder, and the poverty witnessed that night left me with a traumatized stare. Sauntering off into the labyrinth-like streets of Bogota, Colombia I find an empty road with an intimidating aura. I was profoundly intrigued by its solitude and decent colonial feel. I walked closer and closer to the road and realized there were eyes on me. I could feel them. It was a cold feeling rushing through my veins as if I was receiving an IV. I hear my breathing louder than ever and let my mind take a flight into the unknown. All I could think about was everything that happened on this street. The “First Kisses”, deaths, celebrations, up-bringing My mind travels back many summers to realize that I have been here before and I was back for something. But what?

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