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Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson



All photos are ©Bill Wilson Photography. To purchase photos email me at re watermarks : occasionally I get comments about my distracting intrusive watermarks. I agree 100%, and wish I could post full resolution high res files with no watermarks. The problem is this is this is the internet .. and stealing an image for free beats paying for it, even at lower quality. Unfortunately it is much harder to sell what can be stolen. I have seen complaints of work stolen and reposted as others own work, and even stolen, printed, and sold on ebay, names cropped out and more. Those are the photographers that found out. I would guess most of us will never know. I shoot wildlife for the enjoyment and events for income, but I would not mind making a few bucks off a wildlife shot here and there. I read an article recently by a full time wildlife photographer who talked about how hard it was now to make a full time living as a wildlife photographer. His suggestion was the best way to make a living at it was to charge other photographers to go on "photo safaris" with him. Anyone who shoots wildlife knows all of the countless hours, often in adverse mosquito ridden conditions, to capture a good shot. There is so much great work out there, why not protect it? why not sell it? Think about the effect on photography, art, music.... would great bands have gotten that great and made as much great music if they had to wait tables all week? Nope... Protect your work, even if you shoot for fun. Unfortunately I think a lot of great work for future generations will never be made, because it is getting harder every day to make even a living producing it. I shoot pictures to capture a moment, a memory, because I love doing it, but it is a hard way to make a buck. So, think about protecting your own work.... With portraits we stamped the word PROOF on 4x5 prints for decades to keep people from copying our images, so we could make a living, think about it. There is a lot of great work at our fingertips every day... Thank you for all of your views, likes, and comments.
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