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Anima Fotografie

Within every man there is the reflection of a woman, and within every woman there is the reflection of a man. within every man and woman there is also the reflection of an old man and an old woman, a little boy and a little girl.

Hyemeyohsts Storm


1. The inner self of an individual; the soul.

2. In Jungian psychology:
a. The unconscious or true inner self of an individual, as opposed to the persona, or outer aspect of the personality.
b. The feminine inner personality, as present in the unconscious of the male. It is in contrast to the animus, which represents masculine characteristics.

3. Anima \a-ni-ma\ is of Sanskrit origin, and its meaning is "infinite smallness". Hindi name derived from writings on yoga, and also refers to a petite and especially feminine physique. In Latin, it means "spirit".

4. The root source of many words such as animal, animalism, animalcule, animate, animation & animism.

I love the word 'Anima' along with its varied meanings & connotations with which I strongly identify with. In photography as in life, I am always trying to seek out the truth. Indeed I liken photography to life, a collection of moments. I try to capture moments that interest or inspire me whenever I can. I like to photograph people, places or things, mainly, in low light, preferably, at the right aperture, ISO & shutter speed hopefully.

In a sincere tribute to my prime photographic influence & inspiration Henri Cartier-Bresson I try to make photos not take photos. The sincerest form of flattery! I am a PhotoShop Philistine.

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