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Will Malone

Will Malone





Published April 10th, 2014

I often keep one foot in reality and one out; daydreaming is how I make it through the day. Having an imaginary space where I can work, absorb, and find peace is what keeps me sane. Without a mental workspace, the real world and my art would never be able to coexist. I used double exposure photography to take real people and make them a part of their environment. I used photoshop for small tweaks and fixes, but all of these were done in-camera, on location. I captured a piece of every season throughout the year to give the series variety as well as visual interest. The environments portrayed in these photographs are ones that I have spent a great deal of time photographing over the past four years at Covenant. They have become a huge part of my thinking and art-making, since they are locations I have been heavily invested in.

I grew up in Kailua, Hawaii where I spent all my free time learning about photography. I had a rich selection of people and things to photograph, so ...

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