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My passion for electronics and computers has haunted me since childhood, always called me curious to know why things work, that behind what we see, what are the key to their development and means to manufacture them. Working since 1997 in Radio Television Valenciana, exerting Auxiliary operating in mobile units, provided in the technical part where audio, video and electronics have given me my dose of interest. I am currently working in the multimedia department to control Teletext and the web page where the computer is more present. My love to the world of photo editing and born without looking so self, one day, repairing electronic equipment I get an SLR camera digital, where surprise I found the file "RAW" the great cause my current interest, a large file full of information invisible infinite possibilities offered by a manipulation. The second ingredient was the HDR, if you had a chance RAW imagine several of them together in a single file, the interest was growing ... Involved in many photography forums I learned to refine these details required in basic composition, aperture and exposure times, showing my work with their pros and cons formed a good basis digital development meant that my mind .. A futuristic vision with an apocalyptic touch, where the metal oxide and are present in the issue caused a public interest that I today discovering and enjoying it. He participated in exhibitions, competitions, publications ... my merits in this fans have given me much satisfaction, and is another great incentive for further improving and developing what my mind wants to express.

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