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My free photo eBook

Published December 20th, 2012

Do you like my photos? If so you can now download a completely free eBook with the best of them taken in 2012!

Just go there and click on the download link:

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Free photography tutorials

Published November 12th, 2012

If you like my photos, you might be interested to know that I share a lot about my workflow and techniques I use in a number of free tutorials. I write about HDR, landscape photography and post-processing most of the time.

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Colors of sunrise on Fuerteventura

Published November 7th, 2012

All sunrises and sunsets on Fuertventura island are different. All are equally beautiful. You can experience pinks, oranges, reds, blues... you can see amazing waves and splashes on the rocks during high tide or uncovered volcanic rocks during low tide. All that is beautiful!

For more photos from Fuerteventura and also for tutorials and details on how I created them visit my blog

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Tutorial on shooting "smooth water"

Published November 2nd, 2012

If you would like to know how I took a photo below, read my tutorial about it here.

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HDR photography tutorial

Published October 31st, 2012

If you like my landscape HDR photography, you can read my tutorial about it: here

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Tutorial about shooting photos of the stars

Published October 29th, 2012

If you liked my recent photos showing stars you might be interested to take a look at tutorials I wrote about taking this kind of photos:

1) Part 1

2) Part 2



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New tutorial

Published June 2nd, 2012

Visit: for tips how to fix unrealistic look of HDR photos

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Photomatix Pro presets

Published May 16th, 2012


I've just released 70 presets for Photomatix Pro :) you can download them here:

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New tutorial

Published May 9th, 2012

Tutorial on high-pass sharpening on my blog:

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Photomatix 4.2 released

Published May 6th, 2012

In case you missed it HDRsoft released Photomatix Pro 4.2. Read a little more on the changes on my blog:

or go directly to the HDRsoft home page to get it:

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Panning technique

Published April 13th, 2012

Short tutorial on using panning technique:

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Multiple exposures out of a single RAW

Published April 3rd, 2012

New tutorial on my blog:

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Published April 2nd, 2012

Short opinion from me on Spyder4Pro calibrator:

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Wallpapers and depth of field

Published March 25th, 2012

I added wallpapers section to my blog.

Today I also discuss what affects depth-of-field.

Be sure to check it:

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Tiny planets tutorial

Published March 23rd, 2012

My tutorial on tiny planets technique:

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HDR tutorial

Published March 20th, 2012

Checkout my HDR tutorial:

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I really liked this sculpture as it\'s pretty dynamic and powerful from this angle.

Sculptures in HDR

Published March 16th, 2012

Few tips on photographing sculptures:

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HDR tutorial

Published February 24th, 2012


you can read my tutorial on HDR photography:

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My tutorial on HDR photography

Published February 16th, 2012

Hey, I've just finished writing tutorial on HDR photography. You can get it from here:

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Colours of spring and Lightroom 4 Beta

Published January 11th, 2012

New blog post on my Blogger blog:

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