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Marcia and Mike Nelson Pedde

Marcia and Mike Nelson Pedde



Been making photographs for nearly forty years now... mostly landscapes, but also other scenes I encounter along the way! My wife and I have a blog at Google+. Thanks for dropping by! Mike.

Lightroom Tutorials

Published June 10th, 2011

Hi Folks:

My wife Marcia and I have our own blog site (M&M's Musings), and over there we have a section on Photography. I've written several posts on tutorials involving different aspects of photography and especially Lightroom, and I also have a few 'links' posts. One of the most popular is the 'Liightroom Links' page, which links to over 180 other websites that offer tips, tutorials and videos on Lightroom. You can also find the post from this shortcut: ' It's a bit easier to remember. For the most part these are links to sites rather than specific articles, so as the owners of these sites update their content, the links remain current.

Anyway, please feel free to drop by and see what we have!



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