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Wolongshan Pan

Wolongshan Pan

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I am a passionate seascape and landscape photographer from Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Most of my work are seascape photographs around Sydney region. The beauty of the ocean and the great nature light attracts me to go down there in the early morning. Being able to stand on the beach and take photos of the beautiful sunrise after a week of busy working in the office is simply awesome. I am a self-taught photographer who learned most of the DSLR technology and photography skills through internet. I post photos to social media website such as 1x, Viewbug, Flickr, 500px to gain feedback as well. Most of the sunrise photos I took need GND filter to balance the expose between the sky and ground. ND filter helps me to control the exposure time and create special effects for the movement of water and clouds. I shoot all my photos in RAW format to contain most of the digital information. The photos are then processed using Adobe Lightroom and CS6. Equipment I use: Nikon D800 Camera Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 Lens Sony A7s Camera Sony 70-200F4 Lens Nisi 150mm Filter systems for 14-24 lens Gitzo GT2531 Tripods and Berno G2 ballhead. All photographs from this website are available for sale in digital form. Please contact me for price details. My email: golfapan@gmail.com Prints: These prices are for high quality, unframed satin prints and include shipping and taxes. 30cm x 45cm (12″ x 18″) $100 40cm x 60cm (16″ x 24″) $150 50cm x 75cm (20″ x 30″) $200 60cm x 90cm (24″ x 36″) $250 Canvas and framed prints are also available. Please feel free to contact me for details.
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