ViR life

Published October 16th, 2013

ViR is a woman in her forties who is a lover of life and Mother Nature, great mountain climber, his world is to feel dressed in their physical nakedness, flees the chaining of a society where clothing defines them. This interview with humanistic vision and artistic flair was initially developed during the four seasons, with the intention of making exhibitions, publishing a book and try to sell works and see if I can help her to conquer the K2 desired.

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11s2012 Marxa per la independència, Barcelona

Published September 18th, 2012

September 11 is the national day of Catalonia, the last one was organized a manifestation for the independence of that region of Spain, catalans we believe in our region as another country, we have our culture, our language and a different way to understand the life and, if Spain is a democratic country, we want the right to decide our future without violence, no more wars so, that day 1,5 million people were in the streets of Barcelona to clam for freedom.

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HARMONIA, the chorus

Published October 7th, 2011

I started showing small stories through the portfolio, small stories in rural places, maybe it is not as "nice" as a repotage made in India or Africa, but the people who is living around me, around my village are as interesting as other from other places, maybe not for an editors choice but it doesn't matter, I show what I want with the same perspective as if I was "in the third world", well, you can see it in "HARMONIA, the Chorus", a chorus of a small village in Catalonia, old retired people, singing in every event they can... I hope you like it.

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