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Berlin's metro lines 1 - 6

Published March 22nd, 2014

Together with my photographer friend Torsten Goltz I am portraying Berlin's metro stations. So far we had the honour to showcase the lines 1 to 6, except the 5. The project idea is actually nothing new hence for myself I tightened technical things by using strictly aperture f/1.4 and a focal lenght of 24mm, meaning solely using Canon's EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM.

You can see the full photo report featuring each line of Berlin's U lines on my website, but here's a small selection of the best images. And always remember, it's all about 24mm and f/1.4

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Kamchatka - Russia's wild East

Published June 8th, 2013

The Russian peninsula Kamchatka is the world's largest crematorium, meaning, it's got the highest densitiy of active volcanoes in the world. Kamchatka's fire mountains formed its land and I kindly invite you to have a photographic travel through this magic land - with a couple of photos here on 500px as well as the full story showing all photos on my website.

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Published May 16th, 2012

At the end of a journey leading almost all around the island, I travelled more than 3800 kilometres through landscapes that nowadays still appear like at the time of God’s creation. For some people Iceland automatically means something like an artically cold island with all-season mulled wine service but it’s so much more. I was lucky to have weather, spring and the midnight sun on my side; two major ingredients to put the following photo documentary of a worldwide unique place, located at the interface of American and Eurasian continental plate as well as Atlantic and Artic Ocean, in the perspective of God’s eternal creation.

Here's more to see and read about Iceland. (english) (deutsch)

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Papua New Guinea

Published May 14th, 2012

Impressions from East New Britan, an island of the Papua New Guinea archipelago, where I've been in July/August 2011. Luckily local volcano Tavurvur put up a show and showed some impressive ash eruptions. It's been active for a couple of days only as since 2009 it showed no activity at all.

You can see and read more about this wonderful part of the world on my website

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Impressions from Berlin I

Published November 8th, 2011

Some of my followers will surely remember the one or other photograph, but here's collection of my latest work featuring the city at my doorstep: Berlin.

Here's the full article on my website --> (eng) (deu)

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Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea

Published September 19th, 2011

The Rabaul caldera is part of the circum-Pacific Ring of Fire. It is located at the eastern end of New Britain Island, and island being part of the world's third biggest insular state, that is Papua New Guinea. With 14km by 9km the caldera is huge and due to remains of historic but nowadays volcanoes it's looking pretty spectacular. There is one small active volcano though, the Tavurvur, which means translated from Tolai language something like "ash spitter". And this volcano is truly living up to its name...

Tavurvur is a cheeky beast and is able to produce 4km high eruption columns as well as to toss truck-sized lava chunks some 1km wide. Nevertheless, in the light shining through the five layers of clouds of south east trade winds that volcano is pretty photogenic.

Here is my photographic reflection of the Rabaul caldera:

Und hier der Link für deutsche Leser:


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Back from Palau

Published September 7th, 2011

Hi folks,

I am back from a long trip through South-West Pacific. Of course I made a stop at the magic Palau archipelago, home of the worldwide unique Jellyfish Lake. Here is my photographic reflection of that lovely patch of earth.

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Sulphur Mine and Acid Lake

Published July 10th, 2011

There are only a few places on our planet, where our civilized world is colliding with the earth's forces. Indonesia undoubtedly belongs to those places, as nowhere else in the world human life is daring to sit on a volcano the crowded way. An offshoot of the Pacific Ring of Fire is transporting the seismic heartbeat literally like an artery to the doorsteps of Java, Sumatra & Co. Catastrophes with an apocalyptic dimension happened there: the explosion of lake Toba, of the volcanos Tambora and Krakatoa, as well as the seaquake and the dramatic Tsunami on December 26th 2004.

English travel dossier:

Deutsches Reisedossier:

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Iceland - Elves, Hákarl and boiling Earth

Published July 10th, 2011

Impressions of 3800 kilometres long journey leading through landscapes that even nowadays still appear like at the time of God's creation - Iceland.

English travel dossier:

Deutsches Reisedossier:

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