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At the end of a journey leading almost all around the island, I travelled more than 3800 kilometres through landscapes that nowadays still appear like at the time of God’s creation. For some people Iceland automatically means something like an artically cold island with all-season mulled wine service but it’s so much more. I was lucky to have weather, spring and the midnight sun on my side; two major ingredients to put the following photo documentary of a worldwide unique place, located at the interface of American and Eurasian continental plate as well as Atlantic and Artic Ocean, in the perspective of God’s eternal creation.

Here's more to see and read about Iceland. (english) (deutsch)

On the Rocks

Compact glacial ice floating in Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon, Iceland

Twilight of the Gods

Midnight sun shines right into the bowl of Icelandic waterfall Goðafoss


Ship wreck stranded at Iceland's Westfjords

Atlantic Puffin

Seen and photographed in Iceland's West Fjords


The geothermal appearance Leirhnjùkur in Iceland's north-eastern Krafla region.

Cake & Cream

Clouds, blue sky, low sun, rugged rocks and the sea.

Iceland's Westfjords

Road #752

Road #752, leading to inner Iceland

Námaskarð Panorama

A panorama of the mud volcano in Icelandic Námaskarð (Krafla region)

Black-legged Kittiwake

Black-legged kittiwake seen breeding in Iceland's Westfjords

Road to Akureyri

Driving on Iceland's Road #1, the ring road, towards Akureyri, while the midnight sun already set in.

The image was taken at around 11:30 p.m.

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