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Eddie Cheng

Eddie Cheng

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The Photography of Eddie Cheng ... in a galaxy far, far away Welcome to my Humble Gallery. 欢迎. Selamat Datang. நல்வரவு *Member since 27 June 2012* Just a humble attempt to showcase the little RED DOT through my perspective; with MINIMAL post processing ("Astrophotography, Near Infrared, Black and White" being exceptions); no hdrs, blendings, multiple exposures, composites, panoramas nor stitching. Presented here are photographs we could all achieve but with a little help from a combination of NDs (neutral density), GNDs (gradual neutral density) and a tripod. Post processing, if any, are limited to straightening, cropping and correction for perspective distortion. For what it's worth, each and every photograph will come with supporting facts and/or stories. My photographs are occasionally archived in 'Galleries'. For those still interested in reading my "2013-China West Lake Winter Wonderland Series", kindly find them in my "West Lake, Hangzhou (Zhejiang, P.R. China)" set. Do browse them in chronological order for maximum impact. Check out my Facebook Page for more (respective albums) recent experiments. Critiques are more than welcome and are very much appreciated. Most importantly, as PHOTOGRAPHY is an ART, please do not feel obligated to reciprocate LIKEs. There is more to life than 'page ONE/99'. Thank you very much for viewing. And thank you too for sharing. Best wishes. GOD bless. Last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU for those who purchase my photographs.

A Sample NIR (near infrared) 720nm Workflow

Published September 30th, 2012

Over the past three months, I have several enquiries on how I go about post processing my NIR (near infrared) 720nm images. This gives me the idea of putting it up here; as 'my story'.

The program I am using is an old version of Photoshop (Photoshop 7) but it should more or less be similar to the newer incarnations.

Kindly note that the steps applied below are not exhaustive; photography in itself is an ART. And with regards to NIR (near infrared), you either like them or loathe them.

I sincerely hope that this 'story' would be helpful to at least those who are starting out in this area of photography.

Warm regards from Singapore.


30 September 2012

* PS * Do not click on 'view photo' as I did not upload these sample images to 500px.

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