Yukio Kevin Iraha

Yukio Kevin Iraha knew he wanted to be an artist as long as he can remember. Young Yukio Kevin always wanted to be a cartoonist. While in art school, he grew to take art more seriously. His subject matter deals with various sources of cultural or folk tales mainly from East and West. His art often expresses different times in history. Some of his earlier work dealt specifically about early life of 1900. His main medium is acrylic, but he collages antique objects like torn news papers to give aged look to his work. Yukio Kevin Iraha recently gone back to creating his own comic strip. Comic strip, "Nine Bits" is about a group of children "ghosts" dressed in clown outfit hang out with a cafe owner, Mr. Az. The idea behind this strip is about life hereafter and these nine characters continues to just as they were when they were alive: mischievous.
Yukio Kevin Iraha's expression can be hard to understand but one thing he strive is to be earnest about making art. He doesn't create or presents art that's purposefully distasteful. He clearly believes there is a definte line between fraud and true form of art. He says, " I display art which represents me,hopefully close to true self. Any form of art once it's out in public becomes a target of a criticism. I don't try to please public, but equally I don't put something which is repulsive, unflattering, or simply false self."
He has sown his work widely in the United States. Recently his paintings were shown in Pacific Northwest regions. He has also contributed commercial works in various projects. He had done some illustrations and art were collected both in US and abroad. Looking into a mature year, a goal he says in the future is to continue to be making art until he expires.

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