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Another windy one...

Published September 18th, 2012

WInd forecast looked pretty good last Wednesday... Cliff wasn't working that day and I managed to schedule a day off on a short notice, woke up at 5 am and drove to Sauble Beach... Wind didn't really picked up the way it was forecast-ed, but it was windy enough. I could have kited a bit as well, but didn't bring my kite with me.


Empty Beach

Water is still pretty warm, but beach was empty. Cliff was easily planning on 6.2 M sail and 105 L board... I was suffering a bit on 5.9 M and 110 L, but I think my technique sucks... I was trying to point upwind right away and wasn't using waves for my advantage...

Plyaing in waves

Kiteboarder is playing in the waves at Sauble Beach, On


going for a jibe

waves weren't too big, but shore break and undertow sucked...


After good session at Sauble Beach, On, Cliff is walking back to his car

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