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Zach B

Zach B



Zach Bergamin :) Banff, AB @itszachberg IG I'm just a normaI guy who's always loved to work with art. I learned that photography was a passion to pursue when my parents bought me my first point and shoot ,a Fujifilm 3.2 megapixel camera. I love shooting pictures and most importantly I love creating artwork with my camera. What Photography Means to Me [Article done for a Photography Class in Highschool) I believe that photography is art just like paintings, sculptures, music, drama, dance, because you can express yourself in numerous way that can depict anything that interests you. Out of all the arts, photography is my favorite because you have to work in order to get the perfected product. You have to take numerous shots in order to be satisfied with the product you are seeking. And because it's art, whatever your finished product is, it can be hated, blasted and critiqued , but it cannot change your style if you don't want it to. Photography is personal, it's yours to discover and yours to express to the world, you can express ideas that are passing through your heart, mind and soul. Furthermore I enjoy the idea that everything you see with your eyes, has an opportunity to be shot with a camera. Things that you see can disappear in your memory as you get older, but photographs are permanent and as long as there kept in a safe location, can be last for a lifetime and be kept in history. Photography is also a useful tool to depict serious situations around the world, like natural disasters, or wars to show around the world, I like this aspect of it because it can help show what is actually happening because photographs are real. It's not some surreal painting trying to capture something real , it is exactly how your eyes would see it. With the internet, photographers can express their photos to almost anybody, and show images and pictures of the world that people have never seen before on this planet, photography is essential for a society to learn and care. For example photographs depicting the environment where it is being destroyed by pollution, can help people realize their fault and care more for our planet. (ie Deep Horizon Oil Spill). Like paintings and music and every art out there, there are a infinite amount of possibilities, a idea which I like because it pushes you to become the better one of those infinite amount possibilities. I also like the idea that in photography, every photographer usually seeks to capture an image no one else has captured before. This idea drives me to try my best to “think outside the box” when I take pictures because then I usually end up with more a more original image than I had hoped for, and to keep an idea that the photos I take are through my mind and soul. To sum it all up, photography is a way to escape the world, to express your feelings through images, or to express other situations in your life. Whether it become a profession or a pastime, photography will always be a part of me, and my life, seeing that every photo comes through my heart, mind and soul. -Z Shoutouts to Tony Tapp who is pretty much irrelevant on the internet, but my first photography teacher and mentor and somebody who really pushed me to take better photographs. I only had him as a teacher for one year but I hope to reconnect with him in the future and go on shoots with him. Awesome guy and highly highly knowledgable in the realm of photography.
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon 50D
  • Tokina 11-16
  • Canon 17-40L
  • Manfrotto Tripod

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