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Some more P/P

Published August 15th, 2012

I'm still working hard to come up with some new results with my photos. The 500px community aren't very chatty about how they work their magic but I'm keen to try and develop a style of my own - which is of course influenced by everyone else's great photos. Cheers for the inspiration.

Name of the Rose

Some more post processing trials. Glad to hear your thoughts...

My Nightmare

A bit more post processing work. Think I might be going a bit too far!!!

Open top tour bus in Edinburgh

Yes, I know that colour select is a bit naff and cheesy but I think this one works quite well.

Make the jump to light speed

Gingerbread House 2

Another version of the Gingerbread House at the end of Princes St Gardens in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Flower Clock

The Flower Clock in Edinburgh's Princes St Gardens decorated to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics

Edinburgh High Court

Star Trails

A different take on a star trail. Shot tonight at Cramond in Edinburgh.

Gingerbread House

A shot of the quaint little house at the end of Princes St Gardens in Edinburgh.

Here's how it was done...

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