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Husband's Birthday Road Trip

Published September 17th, 2012

My husband and I decided to take a weekend road trip to celebrate his 29th birthday. We drove through Death Valley National Park. Decided to spend the night in Vegas and watch one of those wonderful shows. The next day we visited Hoover Dam and took a helicopter ride. My husband and I had a great time together. I cant wait to celebrate another wonderful year with him.


Hitting the Road

We decided to hit the road early in the morning to have enough time to explore and take pictures, lots of pictures.

  • September 8th, 2012
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And decided to make a quick stop to get some fast breakfast because we couldn't wait to arrive to our destination lol!!! You do agree that there is nothing faster than McDonald's, right?


Beautiful Day

We were blessed with a beautiful day. Clear skies, perfect weather and what better than no traffic at all.


Death Valley

Finally after a couple of hours driving in the highway, we arrived to our first destination



Of course, only my husband would walk around the desert when is 116 degrees outside. Let me tell you, It was very very very Hot.



Even though it was hot as hell, he got to explore the wonders of Death Valley while i decided just to take pictures of him while doing so.



Yes, he was very grateful to be able to celebrate one more year of life next to Me (the love of his life), and to be able to admire the wonderful creations of God.


Hoover Dam

We finished our road trip by visiting Hoover Dam. We had been wanting to go there for a long time.


Hoover Dam II

The best part of it all, helicopter ride on the Hoover Dam skies. This was a first time for the both of us.


Going back Home

On our way back home, we drove through a sand storm. Scary? yes, Cool? very cool.

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